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glow crankbaits

Do Fish See Glow & UV Paint on Lures?

The last decade has seen a massive increase in new tackle hitting the market. And with that comes new paint and paint schemes, including Glow paint and UV paint. But do fish see glow paint on lures? What about UV? Can fish see UV paint on lures? We stepped away

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Colored Bottom Bouncer

Does Color Added to Weights for Fishing Matter?

Fishermen are suckers for buying junk.  Don’t worry, as an angler I’m guilty too.  We’re always looking for an edge, something different that can give what you feel is an advantage. So really, it all comes down to confidence and making plenty of mental notes when testing new gear.  And

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custom painted fishing crankbaits

Favorite Crankbait Patterns – An Anglers Take

There’s an old saying in fishing circles about crankbait colors and patterns. Are they actually painting for the fish or are they painting for the fisherman? That’s a fact. The bright and flashy colors tend to sell the most. Not necessarily because they catch the most fish but because they’re

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custom crankbaits walleye tournaments

When Crankbait Colors Really Matter for Walleye Tournaments

If you’re a walleye tournament angler then you’re probably a bit off the wall like me. Ever since I started fishing tournaments many years ago, I started paying attention to so many minor details than I did before. Let me explain… Custom Walleye Crankbaits – The Beginning Let me be

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