Does Color Added to Weights for Fishing Matter?

Does Color Added to Weights for Fishing Matter?

Colored Bottom Bouncer

Fishermen are suckers for buying junk.  Don’t worry, as an angler I’m guilty too.  We’re always looking for an edge, something different that can give what you feel is an advantage.

So really, it all comes down to confidence and making plenty of mental notes when testing new gear.  And same goes for testing on colored egg weights, snap weights, bottom bouncers, etc.

Maybe the real question isn’t whether or not colored fishing weights matter or not, but rather, how much emphasis SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be put on the weight itself?  I mean, you’re obviously not going to hook them, and yes it CAN help draw the fish closer to your bait at the same time.  Or does it spook?

Forward-facing sonar has taught us that in the case of bigger weight presentations, such as bottom bouncers, do, in fact, attract fish to the weight itself.  Maybe it’s the sound of it “bouncing” off the bottom that attracts?  All to be fully determined over time.

So if I were a custom painter of fishing tackle, the question remains, Is it worth your time and effort to paint weights?  I would say the question is no.  However, there are suckers born every day so I would assume you’ll find someone… 😉

The plain jane lead color is still probably your best bet when it comes to weights.  And thank goodness something in the fishing world is still relatively cheap.  I haven’t bought into the tungsten market just yet, and haven’t had too many applications where I deemed it necessary.

So at the end of the day, to answer the question, “Does color add any benefit to weights in terms of catching fish”… I would say the answer is NO.

If you are, however, having great success with them OVER traditional lead…more power to you.  Again, it all boils down to confidence at the end of the day.

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